Yoshe Gillespie

Detail view, print installation, 2013

Yoshe Gillespie is best known for her large site-specific installations of lithographic prints that explore the boundary between intent and chance. With a background in camera-less photography or ‘darkroom printmaking’ Gillespie is currently focused on using lithographic print to create unique installations employing the use of her process-based discipline of printmaking.

Primarily exploring mark-making she uses lines, form and pattern to emphasise the effect of perspective on perception. Gillespie’s installations have been exhibited as part of Emerging Artist Award, Alliance Français 2013; Touch We Seek, Seventh Gallery 2014; and Exploration 14, Flinders Lane Gallery 2014.

Artist CV

installation view VCA Student Gallery:  Reflections on Recordings (detail) | 2013 | lithograph, Magnani Revere 300gsm | dimensions variable | unique print

installation view Flinders Lane Gallery :  Irreflection | 2014 | lithograph on Magnani paper, dry mounted on board |  309 x 145 x 68cm | unique print

Installation view Alliance Française de Melbourne: Reflexion | 2014 | lithograph, Magnani Revere 300gsm, dry mounted on board, ply wood structure | 379 x 148 x 86 cm | unique print