Travis Vella

Installation view: Rebel at Rubicon ARI, 2014

Dubbing himself a Neo-narrative painter Travis Vella’s practice is an ongoing analysis of the current state of existence. Vella relies heavily on a variety of texts, including classic literature, news articles and a plethora of others as the basis for each of his series of work. He tends to focus on the processes of making paints from pigments; exploring the tension between the conscious and sub-conscious through a consistent and bold painting technique, he creates highly charged imagery, probing the viewer to draw a number of meanings.

Recently Vella embarked on a three-part exhibition titled I Don’t Believe in Ghosts, having exhibited Part 1 at Rubicon ARI his next instalment is due to include paintings from the true ghost stories as written by the viewers of the prior instalment of the series.

 I Don’t Believe in Ghosts Part 2,
Neon Parlour, 5 October – 16 October 2016

Artist CV

Over The Moon / Dodged A Bullet | 2014 | oil on linen | 153 x 123cm

Floating Away | 2014 | oil on canvas | 82 x 102cm

Carrot Cake | 2014 | oil on linen | 76 x 97cm

Brother Gotcha Back | 2012 | oil on canvas | 230 x 175cm

The Apple Tree | 2014 | oil on canvas | 153 x 123cm