Rachel Feery

Installation view: Paradise Festival | Loops | 2015

Rachel Feery is a Melbourne based installation artist, curator, and videographer.

Her artistic practice explores alternate realms, the meditative head-space, ethereal imagery and immersive environments. She is interested in making art that both reflects the lure and preoccupation of screen technologies and presenting these ideas like science-fiction narratives for the individual to enter, visualise and experience. 

Feery holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.) from Monash University and a Diploma of Screen and Media from RMIT. Her practice is prolific taking on several projects at a time across a number of disciplines. Notable projects include Loops, Paradise Music Festival 2015, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Residency), Federation Square 2015; Intermission, with Jon Mark Oldmeadow, Mona Foma, 2013; and Northern Lights, Bundoora Homestead, 2013 amongst others

Artist Website

Vessel | 2016 | acrylic on paper | 34 x 47.5cm

Dust | 2013 | digital print on gloss paper | 42.0 x 29.7cm | edn. of 3

Lull | 2013 | digital scan on matt photographic paper | 29.7 x 42cm | edn. 1 of 3

installation view: Portal | 2011| video and sound projection on frosted acrylic, dimensions variable (screen 183cm diameter) | video duration 6 minutes

Waves | 2016 | acrylic on paper | 34 x 47.5cm